The InterGenerational Transmission of Joblessness

Conference Participation

October, 2016

"Does Family Joblessness breed Joblessness" (with Prof. M. Wooden) is another research paper from this project that will be presented at the Longitudinal Data Conference in Canberra in October 2016.

March/April, 2016

"The Intergenerational Occupational Status Reproduction: A Cross-National and Historical Perspective" (with Prof. H. Ganzeboom) is one of the first research papers from this project presented at the Annual Conference of the Population of Association of America (PAA) in Washington D.C. in March/April 2016.

New Team Member

March, 2016

A warm welcome to Ms. Yin King Fok who joined our IG-team in March 2016! As data technician, King (under the close supervision of Mooi-Reci and Wooden) will be responsible for the data management, harmonisation of different datasets and validation of our key instruments.


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